Keeping a Positive Mindset during the Job Search Process

The job search process can be stressful, and we know that combating negativity and staying open is challenging. Don't let current circumstances get you down!

1. Take care of your physical health. Exercise and wellness is critical when you are unemployed, switching jobs, or in between work. At Mentra, we really recommend plenty of time outside, in nature, and even away from the computer to "unplug" in between applying for jobs. It can be a full-time job looking for a job, and this brings about anxiety and stress associate with "unknowns."

2. Be open minded to new potential pathways and future directions. Frequently, job seekers shy away from potential opportunities based on location or salary, even if they have been struggling with unemployment for years. We want to see you successful, and that means happy. Remember that growth and new opportunities sometimes require unforeseen paths. Stay open-minded to increase creative output and increase abundance.

3. Develop self-compassion and a support network. Surround yourself with support networks (friends, family, meetup groups, volunteer opportunities in your hometown, or social activities related to a hobby or special interest). Keep a regular social schedule (at least 1 x week interactions with others) while searching for jobs. Trying out local groups, classes, or exercise activities can also be helpful. Yoga, mindfulness, or a faith-based practice can be helpful in times of transition.

4. Manifest positivity with mindfulness. Remember, your mind is a powerful tool. You can manifest your future through the power of positive thinking. Being aware of negative thoughts is the first step in combating low affect or low mood. Always envision your future self: employed, successful, and abundant, even if you haven't yet experienced this state. Seek help from mental health professionals if you are not functioning in daily activities, or struggling to maintain consistent health and wellness patterns, like sleep, diet, self-care, or hygiene routines. Don't let self-worth be tied to job state: too many job seekers carry past trauma from jobs that didn't work out, lay offs, or even from being let go due to challenges associated with their neurodivergence in a past role. Don't let the past dictate your future!

5. Cultivate and nourish any special interests and passions. Cultivating authenticity, awareness, and support for your own and other's interests and talents is a great habit for holistic health. This can help you get ahead of competitors in the job market as well. Make sure to do things you love. Talk and write about your talents, hobbies, and interests in the "About Me" section of your Mentra profile. Employers love seeing the real "YOU" and that can help alignment on culture fit for the workplace. Lean into special interests - this is very human and makes your profile unique. Ultimately, this will guide you to a place of prosperity and purpose.