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How many accommodations should I include on my Mentra Profile?

Accommodations are part of our "Inclusion Essentials", and should let an employer know what you need to be successful.

The Inclusion Essentials section of the profile is broken down into Must-haves, Preferences, and Sensory Sensitivities. This section allows employers to see what you need to be successful in a job.

While it may be tempting to list all of your “nice to haves” under the Preferences section, it's a good idea to narrow down your selections to what's really important for you to work in a fulfilling way. Treat your Must-haves as a way to express your absolutes or deal-breakers, and your Preferences as a list of things that would be very helpful, but wouldn't cause you to turn down a job.

Once you add your Inclusion Essentials, employers can get the full picture regarding your accommodations and support needs!