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How will I get notifications about job matches?

You're in the running for all of our neuroinclusive opportunities, and we'll let you know when there's a qualified job lead.

While Mentra will email candidates about new job postings, we encourage job seekers to check their dashboard every 1-2 weeks. Mentra is working hard to ensure that you are able to join and receive reliable and timely communication for new roles that we have on the platform. To do this, we have added a new feature in the dashboard for candidates that list jobs available. After new roles are posted you will receive an email featuring the new roles.

While this feature houses some of the jobs that are currently available, we also email job descriptions for roles to job seekers if their skills match the role and this role may not be yet featured in the candidate dashboard. If you receive a direct role from us, just know we saw the role and that you would be a great fit! As always thank you for your patience while we continue to build an established process based on your feedback.