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I just signed up and went through onboarding questions - what do I do next?

Our goal is to take the stress out of the long and difficult job search process.

You signed up to Mentra - so what's next?
  • Fill out your profile as much as you can. Add Work Samples might be you’ve helpful for your chosen career (i.e. For ‘Writing’ careers, attach Articles they’ve written in the past).

  • Go to your Dashboard Indicate interest in certain jobs. When you indicate interest, this gets you in front of employers!

  • Keep a lookout for opportunities. When you sign up to Mentra, you're in the running for every opportunity on the platform. We'll recommend you to employers when we find a good match, and you'll get an invite by email or text the moment an Employer is interested. This means they’d like to move forward in the interview process!

  • Do note that Mentra is a young startup actively innovating on this tool with feedback - please be patient as we work to onboard employers in your field to match you with employment opportunities!