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Does Mentra have a statement or policy on student data?

We work with a number of universities, and work hard to ensure privacy protection for all students.

At Mentra we take candidate data very seriously and work to ensure that candidates have full control over their data visibility settings. Here are some examples of features we have baked into the platform:

  • Candidates can control their profile visibility around whether it's public (unlisted URL) or private to Mentra employers & their affiliated university

  • Candidates can control their seeking status (seeking work or not seeking work) and thus toggle their profile to be completely private or viewable to Mentra employers

  • Candidates have full granular controls to set the visibility of specific profile sections (e.g. accommodations, specific work experiences, etc) for employers to see or not see

  • Candidate data is stored securely in a HIPPA compliant manner and sensitive voluntary diagnosis data is never shared with employers (public or private)

  • Candidates have self-serve access to delete their account permanently at any time for any reason